About Us


We are an independent entertainment company, whose key role is to achieve maximum profile for our clients. We aim to create pioneering artistic work that speaks to our contemporary shared experiences, where different languages, cultures and voices collide and cross-fertilize.

We work collaboratively and across art forms to produce artistic creations with emphasis on originality and variety. At Play Palm, We believe that music should be inspirational and enable individuals to realize their potential. We promote a culture of inclusion, team work and positive thinking

We have a strong team of professionals, equipped with the skill and experience to tailor any event to our clients needs. Below are the various departments at Play Palm Entertainment.

A&R (Artist and Repitore)

A&R is responsible for scouting new talent, signing it to Play palm and then overseeing all aspects of the process that leads up to the delivery of all finished recordings. A&R is also concerned with matching artists with songwriters while also monitoring the development of artists as they grow and mature. As with all departments there are various roles within A&R:

A&R Scouts have the enviable job of going to gigs and ‘scouting’ new talent. They also spend a lot of time listening to the vast amounts of demo tapes that are sent in daily.
A&R Administrators support the department and duties would include dealing with booking studios for recordings, ensuring they get the best deals possible.
A&R Managers sign the artists to the labels. They are then responsible for every aspect of the recording process until the delivery of the finished recordings, and will also be involved in the artist development process.
A&R Director runs the department. They are responsible for the budget of the department, managing the staff, hiring new staff and acting as A&R manager for larger acts.

Legal & Business Affairs

The Legal & Business Affairs department is responsible for all legal aspects of Play Palm Entertainment. They deal with contract negotiations and re-negotiations, ensuring that contracts drawn up between artists and Play palm are in the best interests of all parties involved. These contracts will usually contain an option (a continuation of the contract) that needs to be exercised at a specific point to ensure that the contract continues. Business affairs will also be involved in negotiations over 3rd party licensing deals, copyright protection, etc.